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Kerins Color Design, Inc. is a full service corporation providing cost effective solutions to solve clients' marketing challenges while maintaining a high level of innovative design.  The design department provides architectural enhancements utilizing color and material specifications including paint, roofing materials, masonry, hardscape and other elements of design. Our combined experience ranges over 70 years in the real estate industry.


Jim Kerins Color and Materials Design Kerins Color Design



Jim has been principal of Kerins Color Design since 2004 and has been instrumental in providing exterior elevations innovation to a wide variety of clients.  He has national exposure to regional markets enabling him to acquire knowledge of different elements including psychographics, architectural content, color and light.  As a graduate of the premiere Art Center Color of Design he has obtained insights by studying the details of architecture and design in established communities to determine what makes them desirable and charming.  As a plain aire painter of custom homes in Pasadena and Long Beach he obtained knowledge of light and color inspiring his talents in the architectural arena.  In addition, being an award winning mixed media artist he has obtained extensive knowledge of materials and design.  His general contractor's license gives him an additional edge in understanding how to build and where to save money.

Reach Jim at 949.887.4887 or

Isabell Kerins Kerins Color Design



The company is further benefited by the expertise of Isabell Mayer Kerins.  Isabell is a proven community leader and marketing strategist, product developer, and implementer of public and private goals consisting of a wide range of various entities.  She is a leader in nationally recognized start-up and established consumer-focused marketing, Age in Place, universal and multigenerational design concepts, and customer communications programs. With extensive builder and developer experience during the last two recessionary/recovery eras she knows how to save her clients money while always remaining focused on consumer appropriate product, high quality, cost effectiveness and timely deliveries.

Isabell can be reached at 949.887.1910 or

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