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Kerins Color Design, Incorporated is a full service firm that provides cost effective solutions to solve clients' marketing challenges while maintaining a high level of innovative design utilizing both client's marketing research as well as personal expertise.


  • Architectural enhancements utilizing color and material solutions including paint, roofing material, masonry, hardscape and other elements of design

  • Coordination of color palette complimentary to architectural style and context

  • Cutting edge visual aids provide effective communication tools to all audiences including marketing, sales, city officials, general public, construction, subcontractors and homeowners

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The right exterior makes your project remarkable

Our Story

Our Mission Statement and purpose is to provide clients the highest quality exterior color and material design services that increases the value of the client's property by targeting specific buyer profiles including demographics and psychographics analysis, while using cost efficient and effective communication processes in order to enable clients the ability to communicate the design elements to all audiences.

Our full service exterior color design department provides expertise on production communities, master plans, mixed use facilities, multi-family homes, as well as apartments, HOAs, commercial properties and custom homes


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities and ways to make our customers' properties remarkable. Let's connect.


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